New ideas (only for today, January 2)

We re-evaluate our old ideas so that we can come up with new ideas that lead Get acquainted with a new way of life.

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Learning a new way of life can be difficult. Sometimes when the situation becomes extraordinarily difficult, We are tempted to follow a path that requires less resistanceMay we live again according to our old beliefs.

We forget that these old ideas were destroying us. To live in a new way, we must be enlightened about new ideas.

The function of the steps, attending meetings, talking to others, trusting the guide, all of these suggestions can be compatible with our resistance and even our disobedience. The NA program requires effort, but each step of the program brings us closer to the people we really want to be. We tend to change, grow and become something more than we are today.

To do this, we become enlightened and try new ideas that we have found in NA and learn a new way of life.


Just for today: I become enlightened about new

ideas and learn a new way of life.


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