Acting on our words and claims (only for today, December 19th)


They have no meaning until we turn our words into action.

Basic book


The twelfth step reminds us«Apply these principles in all our affairs.» In NA we see vivid examples of this proposition around us. More experienced members who seem to have a calm environment around them,The rewards of using this particle of wisdomIn their lives.

To receive the rewards of the twelfth step, Spiritual Principles of Healing Even When No One Sees Us, We run. If we talk about recovery in meetings, But live like an active addict, Association members may think that we are doing more than just chanting slogans It is useful to stick on the bumper of cars, We do not do.

What we pass on to new members,More than we say, It comes from our way of life. If, without experiencing a miracle, we advise a person to “leave the situation to a superior force”, This message will probably not reach the intended newcomer. On the other hand, if we “act according to our words” And share our true experience of recovery, our message will surely be clear to all.


Just for today: I follow the principles of healing, even when I’m the only one I know about.

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