Zone 1 includes groups of West Azerbaijan province.

Area One

The first recovery session was held in area one, in Urmia city, on August 28, 1998.

Latest news and events

Latest News

Meetings in this area are generally held in government and covered areas.
The approximate number of members in this area is 3,500.

Heading the moments of the area

At present, this district is composed of 10 city committees. The number of groups in District One is more than 81 groups, which hold more than 495 meetings during the week.


This area includes Urmia, Mako, Poldasht, Bazargan, Qara Zia-ud-Din, Chaldoran, Khoy, Salmas, Ivo Oghli, Dizaj Diz, Naghadeh, Oshnoyeh, Piranshahr, Mahabad, Bukan, Sardasht, Miandoab, Chaharborj, Takab, Shahin Dej and Keshavar. .

Events from the area so far

There is pain behind every growth

From today, the news and events section will be presented in this section in the form of thirty-one entry areas and display of district information.

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We are proud of each other ..

Submitting the news and events section in this section provides thirty-one entry areas and displays area information.

Stories and experiences we had in District One meetings

In a cafe

The best moments

For the first time in the province of West Azerbaijan, a city that has no knowledge ..



Beauty in the service look

I faced a challenge in my name to serve you in the days of pain.


The story of the first day

I’m Ali an addict

Dasnan is my first day in the groups of West Azerbaijan province


History of the Association of Anonymous Addicts in Iran

We live for today and this moment

Meeting address

To contact the address of the District 1 offices, contact the number or link below

Continues ?

Who are we?

The growth of these meetings and groups is the only indicator of the success of the Iranian Association of Anonymous Addicts.

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