just for today December 31 Being of service


“Working with others is only the beginning of service work”

Basic Text, p. 59


We’re in recovery now.  Through living the program, we’ve attained some stability in our lives.  Our faith in a Higher Power has grown.  Our individual spiritual awakening is progressing comfortably.  So now what?  Do we simply sit still and enjoy?  Of course not.  We find a way to be of service

We tend to think of service only in terms of committee service or holding a position at some level, but service goes far beyond this understanding.  In fact, we can find opportunities to be of service in nearly every area of our lives.  Our jobs are a form of service to our communities, no matter what our occupation.  The work we do in our homes serves our families.  Perhaps we do volunteer work in our communities

What a difference our service efforts make!  If we doubt this, we can just imagine what the world would be like if no one bothered to be of service to others.  Our work serves humanity.  The message we carry goes beyond the rooms of recovery, affecting everything we do


Just for today:  I will look for opportunities to be of service in everything I do

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