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The twelfth step of the program says that we must convey the message to the addict who is still in torment …. The group is the most powerful tool we have to convey the message.

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When we first meet anonymous addicts, we meet recovering addicts. We know they are addicted because they talk about the same experiences and feelings we have. We know that they are recovering and that they have achieved what we want We are it

We feel hopeful when other addicts share their recovery with us in meetings.

The recovery environment draws us to the sessions. This environment is created when group members commit to working together. By helping to organize meetings, meet newcomers, and talk to other addicts after the meeting, we try to improve the recovery environment.

These signs of commitment make our meetings attractive and help groups share their healing.

Sharing experience in meetings is one way to help each other and often forms the basis of our sense of belonging. We empathize with other addicts, so we trust their message of hope.

Many of us will not survive without this sense of belonging and hope in anonymous addicts. When we speak in regular meetings, we support personal healing while helping others.


only for today : In my group, I connect with another addict and share my recovery.


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