Anonymity and personal will (only for today, January 25)


If we remain faithful to the principle of anonymity, the motivation for personal gain … which in the past caused a lot of pain, will disappear

Basic book


The word anonymity in itself means not having a name, but a more important principle influencing NA anonymity is the principle of self-sacrifice

When we acknowledge our inability to manage life, we take the first step away from personal will and into self-sacrifice. The less we try to run our lives on personal will, the more power and guidance we once needed

Our principle of self-sacrifice not only makes us feel better, but also helps us to live better. Our beliefs about how the world should be run lose their importance and we stop trying to impose our will on everyone and everything around us

When we stop pretending to “know everything” and begin to recognize the value of other people’s experiences, we gradually treat them with respect. The interests of others are as important to us as our own; Little by little, instead of thinking only of our own interests, we also think of the interests of our group. We begin to live a life that is greater than and beyond our name or ourselves. That is, we begin life on the principle of anonymity


Just for today: God, save me from personal will. Help me understand the principle of anonymity; Help me live with self-sacrifice

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