Message of our meetings (only for today, December 18)

The fact that all groups focus on delivering the message creates coordination; Addicts can count on us.

Basic book


The story of our scandals during the period of active addiction may be funny. Stories, photos, and our bizarre reactions to life during consumption may be interesting. But they are more of a mess than a message.

Philosophical discussions about the nature of God are fascinating. Discussions on current controversial issues have their place, but not in the NA session.

When we hate meetings and that«Members do not know how to participate» or «This was another glorious meeting» We are complaining, Probably a sign that we need to look carefully at how we express ourselves.

Our sharing of how we started recovery and how we stayed on track through the Twelve Steps exercise is the message of real recovery. This is what we go to meetings for.

The main purpose of our association is to convey the message to the suffering addict. Our participation in the meetings can help a lot or hurt it in a strange way. The choice and responsibility is the responsibility of each of us.


.For today only: I will share my recovery in an NA session

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