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In 1990, two brothers who had joined NA in California earlier, started the first NA meeting in Iran. The first meeting was held in Gharchak Recovery Center. These meetings were held for one year but due to the negative public view on addicts at that time, these two brothers stopped this path of recovery and the young Narcotics Anonymous Organization in this country became inactive for a few years. But this was not the end of the story. In 1994 two other addicts who had become NA members in Canada and USA, met accidentally in a party in Tehran and decided to send the message of recovery to the addicts at Gharchak Recovery Center. The "Iranian Behzisti Organization" helped these two pioneers to reach their goal.

Later, another Iranian who was an active NA member abroad joined this group and the development of Narcotics Anonymous in Iran became a reality. Behzisti Organization finally agreed to hold weekly meetings in Gharchak (1993). Then this trio was able to rent a place in Tehran and one of the brothers whom we mentioned above also joined this small group in their path of recovery.

Now after all those years, hundreds of meetings are held daily all over Iran, in cities and even rural areas. Over 100,000 Iranians are attending various NA Meetings in all parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With the help of Narcotics Anonymous, a substantial number of addicts are living a fruitful and healthy life.